AIOU Assignments Marks: Check Your Assignments Marks

AIOU Assignments Marks: Check Your Assignments Marks 1
Written by Shujahat Ali

Academic study is the combination of cognitive understanding, learning terminologies, conceptualizing facts and figurative work aiding with self and coach analysis in the form of quizzes, assignments, drills, terminal exams and exercises thus ending it to final examinations. This all results in a complete and successful ending of a degree or a course. One can ace his/her academic work only if considering all the facts and tools mentioned above.

Assignments are the tasks or piece of work allocated to someone as a part of job or course of study. People usually mix up assignments with assessments. Assessment is a systematic basis of making inferences about the learning and development of students. It is the process of defining, selection, designing, collecting, analyzing, interpreting and using information to increase students’ learning and development. It is usually in the form of quizzes, written test. Terminal and final exams are also type of assessments but assignments are tasks related to course which a student has to done by himself by taking help from supporting books and references.

Allama Iqbal Open University is the oldest institution providing expert knowledge and education to the students anytime, anywhere. It provides best ever strategies for student analysis. Every course dealt by aiou consists of total of four assignments. Two of them are to be submitted before mid terms and two are ought to be submitted after midterms i.e. before final exams. In the present era, where technology has deepen into our roots, Aiou provides with the facility of online learning of courses, online assignment submission and online checking of marks. The best thing is, you can find all the related stuff in our website at ilm space.


AIOU has provided you with multiple options and facilitates you for checking your desired assignment marks. These options are as follows:

  1. Student profile.
  2. Website link approach.
  3. Sent to address.


When you have selected a course in aiou and are getting your lectures privately, you can make your own student profile so that all the marks related assignments, terminal exams and lectures are uploaded on that profile. You will be notified for each update, if you have made your profile. In the following pictures you can sort out the method of forming student profile. This is more similar of making an account on any website just to get updated about the upcoming work.


The other way of checking Aiou assignment marks is approaching the website of Allama Iqbal Open University. By clicking here, you will be able to know the updated marks uploaded. When you visit the website, you have to undergo the following steps in order to check your marks:

  1. Select the program you are in.
  2. Enter your roll number in the box titled Roll No.
  3. Your assignment marks will be displayed.

The approximate time for uploading aiou assignment marks is usually before one or two weeks the announcement of final result.  It happens that University does not update all the course marks. If such situation occurs you can directly ask from the tutor about the required assignment marks. Most of the time you are answered and if not answered you can wait for the hard copy of result card.


If you are out of the reach of internet and are worried of being down dated then don’t worry. Aiou has provided another feasible service to you by sending your marks to your given address.

When the assignments are sent to your tutor, he will be sending them back after checking to the address you have informed to the university. This way is rather optional one, in some places due to inconvenience  and other multiple reasons, you will not be able to receive your marks at home but still there are other options mentioned above. They are absolutely trouble free and mandatory. Last but not the least; you can know your assignment marks by direct contact with your tutor.


Following are the recent assignment marks being uploaded in 2019 on official website of aiou. You  search them on our website, You can download the assignment marks or can reach the desired webpage by clicking on the link above.


Sometimes sudden mishaps happen in sending the marks of assignments. If final marks of assignments are not included in the final result. You can take the following steps.

  1. Download the given form by clicking the form.
  2. Fill the form completely and wisely.
  3. Be vigilant that you have not missed any clause.
  4. Send it to your regional officer.


When you have assigned your marks and have calculated them you can watch the video for ‘How to calculate assignment marks’ in our YouTube video below. Now you can grade yourself according to the following grading scheme:

  • If you got 80% and above marks then the grade will be A+
  • If you got 70% to 79% then the grade will be
  • If you got 60% to 69% then the grade will be
  • If you got 50% to 59% then the grade will be
  • If you got 40% to 49% then the grade will be
  • If you got below 40% then the grade will be and is considered


Aiou assignment marks are added to your final result. The final result is 30% of your assignment marks and 70% of your final term marks. So, do not take your assignments for granted and details related Allama Iqbal Open University programs.


The main purpose of assignments is to test the student’s comprehension of syllabus of course and books, the students received from the University and also to help them to get through these courses.


The importance of assignments can be depicted by the fact that failing a single assignment will cause you to drop the whole course. You will not be allowed to sit in the examination hall if you haven’t passed your assignments. Moreover, the grade you will take in your assignments will be key grades. You can presume the similar grades in your finals. Therefore, you take assignments seriously. A simple omission on your part may cause considerable loss to you, which can be avoided by exercising proper care.


You are ought to submit complete answers to all assignments’ questions in your own words and before submitting the assignments you should ensure that you have answered all questions in all assignments. Normally after evaluation, teacher returns the marked assignments to the students with comments and grading. All assignments are required to be submitted within due date and no assignment will be accepted after due date. Now, it is your responsibility to get back your duly evaluated marked assignments along with a copy of the assessments sheet containing comments of the teacher on your performance.


If you are serious about your learning outcomes and want to secure best marks in the finals then you have to opt maximum marks in the assignments. Following are the ways to get great marks in assignments:


When you are given your assignment topic, it’s better to do a lot more research on it. You can add the supporting details using reference books or with the help of internet.


Before writing on the given topic, you should have cognitive understanding and clear concepts about the topic only then you will able to write on it.


“Attracting is the beautiful sight”. Always remember, it is the weakness of human that he will be attracted towards the beauty, so is the weakness of your tutor. Just pick hard this weakness and make your assignment as much attractive and presentable as you can. You can take following steps in making the assignment presentable:

  1. Pick fined textured sheets for writing of your assignments.
  2. Make sure your sheets should be margined; if not then margin it at both sides before writing.
  3. Make the first page as your title page.
  4. In title page write
  • Institution name.
  • Assignment No.
  • Course title.
  • Course code.
  • Your name.
  • No.
  • Semester name.
  • Semester year.
  1. Start writing the questions by giving the headings and give answers with pen. (Better use blue ball pen.)
  2. At the end draw the ending margin line.
  3. Try to write with presentable hand writing and avoid cutting and overwriting.

You should write your assignments by your own as it can help you in your finals because most of the time, same questions are repeated or relevant questions come in the finals.

Now, it’s time to get relaxed, do not scroll the net, just visit our website and collect all the details related Allama Iqbal Open University programs.

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