AIOU B.ED Books PDF Free Download (English & Urdu)

AIOU B.ED Books PDF Free Download (English & Urdu) 1
Written by Shujahat Ali

CODEBook NameDownload (Urdu)Download (English)
0512Perspective Of Education
0513School Organization
0514Evaluation, Guidance & Research
0517Teaching Of Pakistan Studies
0518Educational PsychologyDownloadPending
0519Teaching Of EnglishDownload
0520Teaching Of BiologyDownloadPending
0552Grammer And PhonologyDownload
0651English (Compulsory)Download
0654Islamiat And Its TeachingDownloadPending
0656Teaching Of PhysicsDownloadPending
0657Teaching Of General ScienceDownloadPending
0658Teaching Of UrduDownload
0661Teaching Of MathematicsDownloadPending
1659Teaching Of UrduDownload
2600Perspective Of EducationDownloadPending
2601School Organization & ManagementDownloadPending
2602Evaluation Guidance & ResearchDownloadPending
2603Educational PsychologyDownloadPending
2604Islam, Pakistan & Modern WorldDownloadPending
2606Teaching Methodology, Textual Studies & Educational AidsDownloadPending

You can now avail AIOU B.Ed Books in PDF version for easy accessibility. The aiou B. Ed. books free download pdf link is available above!

Textbooks are a great source of polishing knowledge and strengthening concepts. However, some students do not find textbooks affordable. The availability of books in the PDF version is a great blessing for most students.

Language is a significant barrier when it comes to an understanding of knowledge. The AIOU takes pride in promoting the mother tongue and simplifying the educational content. Hence, all books are available in the Urdu language, and now they have taken the initiative of incorporating English textbooks.

AIOU B.ED Program Everything You Need to Know About!

The B.Ed. program is one of the specialized courses that the Allama Iqbal Open University offers. This university supports human rights and the development of sound intellect. Education is the prime need of every individual, and they have the full right to alleviate their knowledge.

To have better access to education, it is necessary to have good teachers or mentors. The lack of proper supervision is the core of a failing society. The Allama Iqbal Open University is excellent at taking the initiative to enhance human development capabilities.

This program provides rational opportunities for teachers. The primary developmental training plays a crucial role in strengthening the basic educational system. This program mainly targets the masters and postgraduate population of the country who want to start their teaching career.

The B.Ed. program aims at facilitating teachers and training them for the best delivery of knowledge. This course is one and a half years long, with a total of three semesters. The estimated fee per year is about 12000 Pakistani Rupees.

To enroll in this course, the student must have a solid educational background—the B.Ed. Course is a combination of elective and non-elective courses. To pass the program adequately, a student must attend classes, give assignments and perform well in exams.

Books are an essential aspect when it comes to passing the program. Each student should have access to a hard or soft copy of the book. If you have any difficulty, you can access aiou b.ed books for free.

AIOU B.ed Books Code Guide (Which Books is For You)

B.Ed. is a brief yet highly informative program for which you require access to proper material. Aiou B. Ed Solved assignments help gain a fair idea. The first semester focuses on establishing a necessary foundation that involves curriculum development, and teaching methods, etc.

The books from code 8601 to 8606 are allotted for the first semester. Each student must have access to these books for proper educational assistance and knowledge building. If you do not have access to books yet, you can download these books in Urdu and English for free.

The second semester is more specialization-based in which you focus on building the intensity of your knowledge. Teaching practice is a required course that helps build confidence and the proper skills necessary to excel professionally. 8607 teaching practice solved pdf is available for download.

The critical thinking and reflective practices course books are available readily for free. B.Ed. course is not as simple as it was in the past. To pass the program, students have to build skills gradually and acquire a certain level of expertise.

You are eligible to pass the program if only you have proper knowledge and command over courses. Human psychology is another crucial part when it comes to this course. As a teacher, an individual needs to understand what their students are thinking and how they will respond to specific topics.

To enhance knowledge and expertise on this topic, human psychology book in Urdu is available for building efficient experience. The third semester of the program is crucial and a testing stage.

This semester includes human developmental practices, professionalism in learning, and other crucial courses. A nuanced understanding of the courses is essential to pass the exams. Presentations, written assignments, and exams are factors that require your full potential.

In each semester, there is a 14-day workshop that is mandatory to take. This workshop is an in-depth training and practice of theory education. There is a certain weightage of the workshop that will be added to the final result. The workshops are highly informative and develop professional knowledge.

How To Download AIOU B.ed Books PDF For Free

A Gmail account is essential to download or access the books. If you do not have a Gmail account already, you can create it using some simple steps. You can log into your Gmail account through a computer, laptop, PC, or tablet to access or download the books into your G-drive.

All the course books are available for free. You can also access English course books through your Gmail account. The course books from code 8601 to 8626 are available for student access.

There is no viva, thesis, or practical in the course. However, the workshop is crucial for building practical knowledge—the Allama Iqbal Open University is known for its expertise and excellence in education.

It is a great platform to work and educate yourself simultaneously. The access to each book of the course in pdf form is available for free. Adequate marks in the final examination is mandatory to pass the educational program


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