AIOU Degree: Tracking, Verification & Apply For AIOU Degree Fast (Updated)

aiou degree verfiaction and application process
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Now You can track your AIOU Degree From Here! Also If you would like to know about “How To Apply For aiou degree and wanted to get it faster then usual then this article is right for you, please endeavor to read this article till the end!

How To Apply For AIOU Degree?

Howdy! My name is  Shujahat and i am the founder of ILM SPACE. Before getting into this article, i would like to share one thing with you guys that this (Step-By-Step) guide are the steps that i have recently done to get one of family member degree/certificate from Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Without Discussing any extra things let’s get started.

First thing First, My first ever step to apply for degree was to get aiou complete result history, It is also known as provisional certificate or full result transcript. To get your aiou complete result history click here, Please make sure to get it printed (you need this later on). Make sure your all previous result’s are correctly mentioned in the provisional certificate card.

AIOU Degree: Tracking, Verification & Apply For AIOU Degree Fast (Updated) 1

PS: You must have to select your program/course which you have been passed recently through aiou and wanted to apply for degree, and then put your Roll No and hit the “Show Result” button. Once You Hit Enter Over their you will be provided by your complete result history, At the bottom of the page you will be provided by an option named “Print Result” Click on it and it printed.

At Number two, I have created a challan form of aiou university from their official website ( You also have to create that challan form with your personal bio. Tp create your click here. Underneath images explains how to fill and how does it look like.

AIOU Degree: Tracking, Verification & Apply For AIOU Degree Fast (Updated) 2
At third i had got the copies of original degree’s Like Metric and F.A. As I was applying for aiou degree of B.a Program so all needed was these two certificates copies and my national identity card as well, you can also use any other national identity proof document as well if you don’t have your own. After getting the copies of other degree and provisional certificate, i have visited my nearest 18 grade officer to get those documents attested.

Now! It’s time to use your challan form, Just need to write aiou fee for degree, Below you can check out how much  are the aiou fee charges for their degree application. You will need to fill it with your desired program fee and pay it under any bank mention at the top of challan form.

After posting Challan Fees, You will get 2 copies of receipt (1 for aiou, and 1 is for student). You have to attach the aiou copy along with your document and CNIC and send to to below address of allama iqbal open university.

Now After the few weeks you will able to check your aiou degree status by using this link:

IF you guys have question related to your aiou degree verification, application or online degree tracking feel free to comment down to this article.

For the Degree Degree you will first receive an envelope from Allama Iqbal Open University with your DMC ticket. This certificate is also known as a Provisional Certificate or Transcript. Now you have to apply to Allama Iqbal Open University to get a certificate or degree immediately.

  • First you have to download the application form from Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad website.
  • Following the instructions on the back of the application form. Attach the Photo copies of last done degrees. Like Matric, FA and B.A ETC.
  • Urgent Degree will be issued within 1 month.
  • Degree Fee will be accepted only in ABL and MCB.
  • Copies of Bank Challan will not be accepted (Attach the original one).

After submitting the Certificate/Degree Fee to Bank!, Attach the invoice along with papers and send the papers directly to the address of Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. Allama Iqbal Open University Certificate/Degree is issued according to the name of the student enrolled in the Secondary School Certificate/Degree.

AIOU Degree: Tracking, Verification & Apply For AIOU Degree Fast (Updated) 3

How To Get Verified Your AIOU Degree!

Here are few things that you should need to read before applying for your degree verification process!.

AIOU Degree: Tracking, Verification & Apply For AIOU Degree Fast (Updated) 4

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