AIOU End Term Assessment Exams (Step-By-Step) Guide

aiou end term assessment exams complete guide with answers included.
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Due to the stress around the world caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, all the big institutions, Educational centers, business offices, and governmental sectors are facing locked-down situations. AIOU that was previously giving the facility of virtual study isn’t affected much of the remote culture adopted by all the working institutes.  

The final term exams held by AIOU every year will now be taken as AIOU End Term Assessment. Students are getting baffled due to this announcement, but your confusion is just left for a few seconds now. In this article, you will be provided by a detailed step by step guide of۔

AIOU End Term Assessment Exams (Step-By-Step) Guide 1

So, let’s get started۔

Pre Instructions About End Term Assessments 2019

Most of us when going to give the paper remotely and most specifically in such situations where you do not see things at their routine, the first confusion occurs is which type of paper sheet to be taken to start on. You might be thinking it an A4 paper with a logo of AIOU on the header but No, you can use any of the simple paper sheets that are easily provided at your locality or you are having them at home. There is no obligation on it. 

The very first thing to do while giving AIOU End Term Assessment is to write your name and related information on the front page of the paper and make it enough visible. You can use markers of blue or black color for this activity.  

Precautionary Measures While Giving Paper

You have to follow the following precautionary measures while giving paper: 

  • You can’t type the answer sheet instead the whole paper should be written with your handwriting. Your handwriting will be matched with your handwriting in previous papers. 
  • When solving the AIOU End Term Assessment, you have the option to add educational resource material from any other source in addition to the notes provided by AIOU but for that, you have to provide the reference of the source. 
  • You have to write the answers based on your concepts and thinking. Any answer copied from anywhere will not be accepted. 

Make Your AIOU ETA Presentable

If you solve your assessment by using the following simple hacks, you will surely ace the exam 

  • First of all, write your name and related information with a marker so it will be visible and convenient for the checker.  
  • Make the margins on both or at least one side of the sheet. 
  • Give the heading of the question number, keep in the notice the number of questions matches to the number represented in the question paper. 
  • At the end of every question make the ending line. This will look presentable and checker finds very convenient while marking the assessment. More your instructor is comfortable more marks you can get. 
  • Do not copy answers from anywhere, try to write in your wordings depicting your concepts.  

Following the above-mentioned tips, you can make your end term assessment easily and can get more grades. Check Also: AIOU Assignment Marks

How To Pack End Term Assessment (ETA) Papers

This is something which is not normal in the pandemic condition and you have never encountered such a situation before in any exam. And yes! We know you are having confusion in this step.  

The only thing you have to do is to take your papers from all the six subjects and pin them separately. After pinning the papers, take an envelope and put them inside the envelope. Write your name on the envelope (this is the compulsory step). You will be having a receiving slip, you have to write your name at the sender side of the receiving slip. 

How To Write Unique Answer?

Spin bot is introducing you with a free tool that is helping you to take AIOU End Term Assessment easily. Using this tool, you can get your answers re-written online, Here is How it look like, and you can get it to work.

AIOU End Term Assessment Exams (Step-By-Step) Guide 2 AIOU End Term Assessment Exams (Step-By-Step) Guide 3

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Submission of the AIOU End Term Assessment: 

The last step is to submit the assessment. For this, you have sent the solved ETA through registered/ courier mail to your concerned destination or by going to the post office. It is compulsory to keep the courier receipt/ registry with you for future correspondence.  

The due date for submission is 18 July 2020 and submission after 18 July will not be accepted.  

How To Add Reference In ETA

When It comes to something that we need to type, graphics actually help more, instead of text. Here is How you can add reference your AIOU ETA.

How To Add Reference in AIOU End Term Assessments Exams

Wrap up

You have noticed how your confusion regarding AIOU End Term Assessment gets cleared. Now time is less and competition is more, so work hard and do smart by using the free tool of ‘website name’. We say you best of luck for your AIOU End Term Assessments.

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