AIOU Exam Marks Calculation: Conflated Marks & Exam Marks

aiou marks calculation
Written by Shujahat Ali

Final AIOU Exam Marks Calculation is the common problem of Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad.

One of the most asked/Searched questions is What do Conflated Marks mean in aiou result?

Howdy! Welcome back to another step by step guide to aiou exam marks calculation. Recently, I have done research on exam marks calculation of aiou. In the end, I have comes up with few outcomes, the marks calculation differs too for the different level of programs.

Well! We know that Allama Iqbal Open University offers the distance based education system for there students in Pakistan and Overseas as well. So as the Home Work (Self Studies) University provides there student a task of assignments which can be either two or four, it depends upon there course type either is full course or half course.

The Provided tasks (Assignments) are checked by a registered tutor of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU). If you don’t know how to find aiou tutor then click on the link to find yours.

Once your assignments are checked by tutor the marks of assignments are also added in an extra column named “Aiou Assignments Marks” in your final semester result.

Underneath! I have added a Picture of A Result card, Which Will be easy to understand for your guys how they calculate aiou exam marks calculation. If you look at the image there are a total of 3 boxes for marks which are as follow.

  • Assignments Marks
  • Exam Marks
  • Conflated Marks

Before Digging In! Let me explain what those 3 bullets points mean in aiou. Assignments marks are the marks which are given by your university tutor. On the other hand, Exam marks are the marks which you have scored during final examination held by the university. The Final one is conflated (Config) Marks are the marks which are counted as your final marks in a single subject.


aiou exam marks calculation

How to Calculate Conflate Marks YourSelf?

We have already started a YouTube Channel “ILM SPACE” We will be Adding a short video series in a short. For Now I have embedded a video for now about aiou final exam marks calculation.

Hope you guys have cleared your doubts about aiou exam marks calculation. Either way! Leave a comment below. Cheers!.

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