AIOU Past Papers: AIOU 5 Years Old Papers Free Download (Updated)

AIOU Past Papers: A Tool To Smart Study

Done with exam preparation? Gone through to the whole textbook? But OMG! Only 15 days left to the exam. Mind feels blank. How will I revise the whole textbook in just 15 days? Confusion. Confusion. Confusion! All of us go through such state of mind before exams and at this moment most of us get so much baffled that we start erasing what we learned, from our minds just because of this ‘confusion’. When you are done with hard study the whole year, now this is the time to do smart study and the most valuable revising tool for opting smart study is “Preparing AIOU Past Papers”.

Are aiou old papers informative? What kind of help we can get through them? Previous papers are of great help only if we use them in an appropriate manner. You can download Aiou B.A 5 years old papers, Aiou matric old papers, Aiou F.A (HSSC) 5 years previous papers and Aiou B.ED old papers from our website  There are number of obliging facts of former papers.

1. Filtering The Important Topics

Now the exams are near, this is time to master up all the important topics of textbook but how would you know what those important topics are? Don’t worry, go through the former papers, the more you experience different past papers, the more you become specific about the significant area of textbook.

2. Knowledge Of Paper Pattern

By looking through the old papers, you will get to know the paper pattern, marks distribution and division of questions. You will able to know which part of textbook is important for objective point of view and which part is important for subjective portion. For knowing the paper pattern of Allama Iqbal Open university previous papers of Matric, F.A, B.A, B.ED, you can easily download the papers from our website

3. Time Management

Students suffer a lot regarding time management. There are times when you know the answer of every single question but you are unable to attempt half of it just because of poor time management. By going through 5 years former papers, you will have the knowledge of marks distribution. So, you divide your time according to that distribution. This will help you in managing your time in examination hall otherwise you will be giving your full time to 25 marks paper and the rest of 25 marks paper will be left.

4. Understanding Examiner’s Perspective

Okay, now you are done with past papers, you have noticed examiner’s mindset. Most of the time same questions are repeated with different angles. It also happens that multiple questions are gathered from one topic, so you get to know that this certain topic is the key major of the textbook.

5. Working On Paper Presentation

When you are confident enough that you have done with all of your preparation, now it’s time for exam rehearsal. Assemble a proper place, allocate your time and start solving an old paper as if you are sitting in examination hall 5 years old papers of aiou are available at ilmspace. Try to focus on your paper presentation. As, most of the time, examiners are very much impressed by spick and span paper that your small mistakes are overlooked.

6. Aid From Solved Past Papers

When you are solving a bygone paper by your own and are unable to answer any question, do not waste time and move on. Try to solve it at the last. Now look for the answers from solved previous papers. It will help you in differing skills, having cognitive understanding and an ability to solve a problem. Our website will provide you all the solved and unsolved old papers of Allama Iqbal Open University (Aiou).

What a paper shows? Just think as an examiner. Your paper is a mixture of specific content, using particular construct then combining it with other items in the examination to give specification, coverage and varied level of demand. Also it discriminate a candidate’s performance. It is not just digesting a textbook and vomiting it on the paper. It needs smart study over hard study and aiou past papers are great source of it but only if given careful consideration.